Hello, we are Overscore,
a Brand Identity Design Agency.

We believe in the power of listening and understanding, collaboration, and purpose. Without knowledge of who you are, whom you want to be, and who your ideal customers are, branding becomes insignificant. 

It's only when brand identity design is insight-driven that the results are enlightening. When your brand transcends visuals and creates an emotion, that's when it becomes a powerful agent for growth and delight.

Together, that's what we will help you accomplish.
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Who is Overscore

Overscore® is a brand identity design agency based out of Houston that helps businesses elevate their built environment through insight-driven design. 

Although we have an innate passion for solving business challenges through design, providing unforgettable brand experiences, and creating tomorrow’s most loved brands, nothing inspires us to do what we do more than seeing you grow.

Our Heart-to-Bark™ Workshop


We believe that to tell your story authentically, knowing you from the inside-out becomes vital to creating a successful brand identity.

To do this, we've created our Heart-to-Bark™ discovery workshop, a four-step session that helps us pinpoint and solve your brand and business challenges from the heart to the bark.


The heartwood represents what lies at the core of your company: your values, beliefs, purpose, mission, and culture.

Who you are is what guides you, and we believe that listening, understanding, and surfacing deep-insights about you is instrumental in creating a successful brand.

During this first step of the discovery workshop, you will gain clarity about who you are, who you want to be, and your vision.
The sapwood represents your business’ lifeline, its customers.

Your business could not survive without its clients, making the understanding of who they are as a person vital to creating delight. Together we'll dive into your ideal customer's psychographics because we like to serve people, not just a statistic or demographic.

During this exercise, you will gain a deeper understanding of your customer’s personality, story, ambitions, needs, and preferences.



The cambium represents your brand improvement and growth goals that you hope to accomplish.

Growth goals can feel overwhelming and unattainable because they can be achieved using many different methods requiring many steps. With many options to choose from, which path should you take, and where should you start?

In this third step, we will ideate, outline, and prioritize actionable strategies that will help increase efficiency, awareness, revenue, and delight. Let's tackle your biggest goals.
The bark is what we interact with, your brand.

A brand is, as described by Marty Neumeier, a “gut feeling that a person has about a product, service, or organization” that can be shaped by the way your brand smells, tastes, feels, speaks, sounds, thinks, and looks. Following our Heart-to-Bark™ workshop, we will assemble a specialized team to create your brand identity from the insights discovered in the session.

During this last step, through productive collaboration, you will gain a meticulously crafted brand identity that can grow alongside you and endure the test of time.


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What We Do

We help your business do things the right way the first time around.

By understanding you from the inside-out and assembling our team around your needs, we remove the guesswork commonly found in the design world. Our Heart-to-Bark™ workshop ensures that we create a memorable brand identity and brand experience for your customer so that you can stand out in a crowded marketplace. 

Together, we will help you build strong bonds and lasting memories with your customers.


We design insight-driven brand identities to help you grow, gain clarity of vision and purpose, and feel listened to and understood because nothing makes us love what we do more than seeing the positive results our work has on your business.

Who we do it for

We do it for you visionaries. You that sees how things could be done. You that expects quality and doesn't cut corners.

You that needs things done the right way. You that needs to offer the best customer and brand experiences possible because you love the details. You that constantly seeks improvement. 

Most importantly, we do it for you that genuinely cares about your people and those you serve. You that is loving, caring, forgiving, and sometimes goofy.

You that lifts those around you and makes them better. You that gives opportunities to those that have been denied it. You that values giving back and improving your community. 

We do it for you.

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