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Goodray solar before & after
Goodray Solar logo & color palette

Logo Design

We believe that solar is the future of energy. In creating this concept, our challenge was not only to bring Goodray Solar's brand into the 21st century but to take it to the next one.

We knew from the start that we wanted to create a recognizable logomark that could scale without losing its character and readability.

We explored many icons and shapes before ultimately arriving at the version you see, a logo designed to be both a lowercase 'g' and an uppercase 'G' with the use of a ray.

By creating a timeless mark and dynamic color palette that works both on print and digital, we ensure that Goodray Solar is in a position to define the future of energy.
Solar Energy Logo
Early Goodray logo sketch

Brand Identity

Beyond the logo, we created a flexible identity system that would convey Goodray's brand consistently across the many digital and physical applications.

The brand identity system relies on the ray to create dynamic compositions and layouts and establish a consistent identity across all brand touchpoints.

Its sharp and steep angles represent Goodray's dynamic spirit, and its boldness represents their culture of empowerment.

It will be a symbol that will brighten Goodray's day and serve as a beacon for change.
Goodray's primary brand element
Goodray solar website & app
Goodray Solar Social Media
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