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Nathalia Garrigan has quickly risen through the ranks as one of the most sought after interior designers and project managers in Houston.

With ten years of experience in both project management and interior design, she can oversee entire projects from design to construction. By marrying both positions into one in her business, she allows her clients to spend more on what actually matters, making their dream home a reality.
Nathalia Garrigan Brand Direction
Nathalia Garrigan Before and after

the challenge

Now, one year after venturing on her own to open her firm, she finds herself scheduled almost a
full year in advance and working long hours.

This serves as a testament to the quality of her work and service, but that quality that has made her highly-demanded is the same one that is leading to unhealthy amounts of work hours.

Simply put, our challenge was to help Nathalia Garrigan work less and make more.
Nathalia Garrigan Brand Direction
Nathalia Garrigan brand direction

The creative solution

During our Heart-to-Bark™ Workshop, we quickly realized that she had a pricing issue. Nathalia was charging way too little for what people were valuing her work at, hurting her brand image, her business, and her personal health.

In addition, we dove deep to understand her ideal customer, her company, her short and long-term goals, and what made Nathalia Garrigan different. We also explored her vision, culture, positioning, pricing, marketing efforts, and customer service to develop a brand identity that would help her achieve her business goals.

With the introduction of Nathalia Garrigan’s new brand direction, we found that we needed to update her brand to align with her new customer base.
Ideal Customer Profile
Ideal customer profile
Nathalia Garrigan Brand Attributes
Brand Attributes
After gaining clarity, we developed a brand strategy and brand identity that filled the visual and communication gap between her ideal customer and Nathalia Garrigan's brand.

Amongst many changes, we positioned her as a Personal Project Manager and Interior Designer, and we developed a look that connected Nathalia to her customers in a ‘simply elegant’ way.
Nathalia Garrigan Logo Construction
Logo construction
Nathalia Garrigan Styleguides
Nathalia Garrigan Styleguides
Nathalia Garrigan Color Palette
Color palette and logo Lock-ups
Brand messaging
Inspiration Board
Project Inspiration board
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